Stereo Love, Vodka… Sebuah Penantian Panjang

Photo captured at Wonderbar, December 2008-

…I can fix all those lies
Oh baby, baby I run, but I’m running to you
You won’t see me cry, I’m hiding inside
My heart is in pain but I’m smiling for you
Oh baby I’ve tried to make the things right
I need you more than air when I’m not with you
Please don’t ask me why, just kiss me this time
My only dream is about you and I…

Those lyric of Stereo Love (Edward Maya) is always remind me to the chapter of my life more than a year a go. Today, I did nothing at all. Just sat on my chair, i didn’t move my legs out of my room all whole day.

To night, this is fourth glass of Vodka in front of me. I’m actually feeling bad. Very bad 😦

Everything is gonna be messed!

More than a year a go, we have had some planning to reach our future together, to walk down the altar together, and feel happily ever after.

We planned it after graduation comes to me, it supposed to be this month.

Day by day we’ve spent, no doubt.

I have never falter to choose her as my last resort. Eventhough there is so much people said that she seems like unworthy for it, but I don’t really really care. I love her. And I know, God sent her for me 🙂

Our relationship has been running on the good condition.

Until one day, one little prick ruins everything.

I will never write down how does it happen. I will not tell anyone. It was like, you know, she transformed being someone else. And i didn’t know why.

She didn’t keep the promises. She totally changed for the reason I have never known until today.

October 2K11, we broke up!


It so long journey i have spent until now. But you know, it’s like the more i try to understand, the more I feel fall and fall and fall again. Every single thing I have prepared must be lost. Honestly, I still waiting for her. I don’t expect too much such we fix and rebuild the relationship we’ve ever had. I just want to talk with her and I wanna know what’s happened as a matter of fact.

I tried so many ways to keep my life running after those terrible moment, I tried to move-on my step. I opened a new relationship with new girl in order to forget our memorable period. God… Moreover, until my relationship with the new girl has come to an end, I can never forget her.

I’m so tired of waiting, assuming, hoping.

Waiting for our period back. Like a hearing lies, a broken promises.

Lord…What I supposed to do? 😐

Would You bring me to the brighter day in the rest of my life?

Lead me God, gimme the answer O:)

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