Should he called lucky or fraud?

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Sometimes, I think the Universe does something unfair for its people. It places a human in an area which is not their exact place…

A chef should be placed at kitchen, a driver supposed to be in the back of steering wheel, doctor in a hospital, teacher at the front of the class..

At the reality, it doesn’t happen well… Too many mistakes, too many people placed improperly with their competency…

Guess what? Everything’s gonna be messed…! A credible and deserved people must be isolated for the same reason… A power of fraudulence.

Being fraud, done by some people who haven’t capabilities with themselves. They used a dozen ways, with their money, nepotism and other humiliated ways.

And in the end, “hukum rimba” will be occured in the Universe.. Strong to be a winner, and the other who has no power, shall be a loser only..

That’s why I said that a biggest threat for honest people is when they saw a dishonest people get successful and have everything.

I just wondering why someone at my bbm list got so many facility from the Universe, among his incompetence… Shall anyone explain me please?

I’m sorry for messing ur timeline with my trashy tweet… Tks tweeps, I believe someday I’ll find the answer! Nite 🙂

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